Uncharted 3 – Complete 100 Treasures Guide

For those who wish to get a platinum trophy for Uncharted 3, all 100 Treasures scattered throughout the game must be obtained. Each chapter, there should be at least three to five treasures that are sometimes hidden while others is out there in the wild.

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ZBlacktt2271d ago

Just easier to watch all the youtube video's that come out, lol. :)

admiralvic2271d ago

Yes/No. It's good to have something for those that don't want to wait. Those videos can take a while to appear =X

ZBlacktt2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I play the game and take in all the views the first time around anyway. It would ruin the game sitting there looking all over the ground, in trees just for one item. If just like the last games. You can chapter select and go back in and get the ones you need.

Besides... they are already out.

CynicalVision2271d ago

Well that didn't take long.

DeleteThisxx2271d ago

Not too hard to copy the text over from a strategy guide:)

Trainz2271d ago

You're pretty =P
Are you warprincess?