Team Deathmatch: Which Game Does it Best?

MP1st - "While the new, unique, and esoteric gametypes help keep a game fresh and a community dedicated, shooter fans will probably never let go of the original and (arguably) most popular gametype: Team Deathmatch."

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john22422d ago

Never been a fan of team deathmatch but I can really appreciate Quake 3's and UT's efforts. GRAW 2 was also a lot of fun in Team Deathmatch

lastdual2422d ago

I played a crazy amount of UT99 back in the day. Definitely a classic. On the consoles, I'd say Halo remains my favorite for straight-up TDM, and Battlefield for objective-based multiplayer.

deadpoole2422d ago

Don't hate me but I love TDM and BF3 TDM is just amazingly awesome ... I play it alot.

StanLee2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Still play UT2004. On consoles Halo Reach's MLG Team Slayer playlist is the best. Looking forward to kill confirmed in MW3 which adds another dimension to the TDM formula.

StraightPath2422d ago

Halo has been the king of team deathmatch for a long time. There are other great titles that do team deathmatch too such as Gears Of War or Call Of Duty so a lot of options to choose from.

Counter Strike Team Deathmatch and Team Fortress 2 are great to. I guess it is all down to personal taste.

kaveti66162422d ago

If you only count console games, then Halo.

Mister_V2422d ago

I was really impressed with Battlefield's TDM. Other than the spawning placement, it's really fast paced and pure. Just you and your gun, like the author said.

Criminal2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

"The spawning placement" on some maps, not all of them. It is really fun though. A change of pace for me, but my favorite mode is definitely rush.

0neShot2422d ago

You know what? BF3 TDM is worse than MoH TDM. BF3 TDM maps are scaled down and lack variety.

I was expecting the TDM maps to be graphically superior and smoother because it is way smaller and lesser number of elements compared to conquest or rush maps, but it is the opposite, it has the worst lag, frame rate issues and that idiotic logic in spawning. who designs that players spawn right next to the enemy in full view?

Parapraxis2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )'s been out for 2 years, so I guess not.

Criminal2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Great pick, mine would be CoD 4 back in the day. I know it's now hacked and frag times 3 is not helping also, but that game's TDM has a sweet spot in my heart.

Mister_V2422d ago

I don't always play TDM... but when I do... CoD 4. - The Most Interesting Gamer in the World

JonahNL2422d ago

No idea, I'm more of an objective focused player. I prefer Conquest, Search & Destroy, tradional CS and so on...

Criminal2422d ago

Same here, I moved on from TDM, right now I play Rush and Demolition mainly.

Szarky2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I agree I'm huge into Conquest in Battlefield. I tried TDM and found it to get stale really quickly. Spawn, run, gun, die. Spawn, run, gun, die. The maps are smaller and you can't spawn on your teammates, it's just not how Battlefield was meant to be played.

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