Final Fantasy XIV Interview with Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida - Round 2 [RPG Site]

RPGSite writes: "When we spoke to Final Fantasy XIV's newly appointed Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida in mid October he struck us as one of the most honest, interesting and in-depth interviewees we've ever had the pleasure to sit down with - so of course we didn't say no when Square Enix offered us a second chance to chat to him - a round 2, of sorts.

Final Fantasy XIV has been openly branded a failure by Square Enix, but Yoshida is embracing the challenge of turning that failure into a success story once again with a smile - and talked to us in depth about his game development philosophy, where on earth he came from and his personal history with Final Fantasy as a franchise."

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Spenok2272d ago

If anyone can save square enix its Yoshi-P (and Nomura ;P)

I was soooo disappointed in FFXIV, but he alone made me come back, but not only that, stay and have the confidence to pay for it when it goes back to having a sub fee.