Skyrim: Bethesda's Designers Obsessed Over the Details

Bethesda's designers and developers obsessed over the details that make the world of Skyrim.

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Tommykrem2365d ago

Details, easter eggs, secrets, hidden items
Keep it coming :)

MultiConsoleGamer2365d ago

Attention to detail is something I admire. Keep up the great work!

Canary2365d ago

Well, big-picture focus is also something to be lauded.

You know, the kind of thinking that yields a greater focus on narrative, voice acting, and other elements more important to roleplaying than other genres.

icarusorigin2365d ago

Cant wait tell next Friday, my life will be over.

Drazz2365d ago

Expect a 10% drop in work production, in USA & Europe.

rabidpancakeburglar2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

I'd say closer to 30%

Canary2365d ago

You're making some assumptions about the average gamer that I'm not sure are appropriate.

Gaming is one of the most expensive (common) leisure activities out there, not to mention time consuming. Virtually everyone here has disposable income and free time to spare already.

Drazz2365d ago

I'm an average gamer and I have a job. I think a lot of people r like me.

aPerson2365d ago

@ Canary

He wasn't making any assumptions. He was joking. Can't believe you need to have it pointed out...

lMHl2364d ago

I like chicken when its barbecued so obviously your comment isnt referring to me

Captain Qwark 92364d ago

i dont have much free time to spare but for elder scrolls i make time, i just sleep a couple hrs less each day.

and your assumption of "Virtually everyone here has disposable income and free time to spare already." couldnt be more wrong im sure. saying something like that makes me assume you are a 14 year old boy, living with his parents and working a paper route.

im 25, have my own apt, a saint bernard who eats as much as i do, school loans, car payments, rent, etc....lots of responsibilities. so anybody like me would create a slight drop in work production. hell im sure alot of this games audience is in a similar situation as i am becuase were talking about a very old series here, which means older gamers, so yes im sure there will be a drop in productivity...

sohaben2364d ago

dum, dum dum, DUMMMMM! haha

it twas a joke senior. and it was funny.

I know this game will slow down my job search a little bit. Most people are taking off from work for 1 or 2 weeks. I dont have to take off!!!

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TacoTaru2365d ago

Oh noes! I work at home writing software. How am I ever going to keep myself from playing Skyrim all day long? I don't know that anyone can have that much self control.

sohaben2364d ago

If your boss calls you and tells you to finish or be fired, im sure you'll have the self control. lol

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