Sony reveals patent for biometric PS3 controller and handheld

Way back at E3 2009​, Nintendo announced the Wii Vitality Sensor, an accessory players would clip on their fingers to feed biometric data (specifically the blood-oxygen saturation level of your index finger) into a video game. Plans for the Vitality Sensor have been put on ice since the device has difficulty performing with consistent results.
Perhaps, Sony will get the jump on biometric controls? A patent application reveals their possible plans for a biometric controller and handheld with specifications similar to the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

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WooHooAlex2183d ago

I guess something like that would be appropriate on a handheld with the name Vita.

Blackdeath_6632183d ago

all things aside though i dont think it would be such a good idea either the reason because
1)differen people with have different stress levels,muscle movements and heart rates wich can put some players at a disadvantage.
2)for this to work you will probably be required to hold the controller in a certain way wich can be irritating if you like to hold the controller loosely or if your scopeing in to shoot but it wont let you because it cant read your biometric data.

to be fair though its very very early to judge and we should keep an open mind to change, sony need to be carefull or this idea might be a lead baloon just like the six axis motion sensing was.

SilentNegotiator2183d ago

lol, yeah. The Playstation Life....Monitor.

All companies do that. If Sony even patents a Playstation Butt-pimple accessory, I guarantee Nintendo and Microsoft would get in their own similar patents.

Burning_Finger2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Getting closer to PS9.

Imagine having sex while playing games.:0

OcularVision2183d ago

Are you saying you can't do that anyway?

RBdrift2183d ago

lmao,sorry your comment is just too funny.

BrightFalls762183d ago

Something that I have not had to imagine thanks to having a real life fiance:)

RioKing2183d ago

I've gotten head from my girlfriend while playing cod a few times already :)

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THC CELL2183d ago

be good if u can get it to be a lie detector and then play a heavy rain type game

Wintersun6162183d ago

Except that lie detectors are a load of bullsh!t. It measures levels of heart rate, sweaty palms etc. All of which are signs of being nervous, stressed, angry or scared and they can be caused by many different factors, which renders lie detectors as useless garbage. It's a fact that polygraphic lie detectors provide false results, and thus using a similar system in a game would be ridiculous.

Ddouble2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

An adrenaline style boost which will let you run faster, jump higher, and punch harder when stressed.

Tensing up your muscles to withstand an attack or charge up a shield.

That would be so sick and where the sensors are placed on the dualshock and move are probably the best part to get a good reading.

shikamaroooo2183d ago

Imagine it working for a horror game where it senses your heart rate and when it's at a certain bpm then boom

SilentNegotiator2183d ago

Interesting thought, but frankly, core gameplay is already distracted from enough these days. Adding in highly unnecessary complications like that wouldn't help.

HappyGaming2182d ago

but they become second nature when you get used to them...

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The story is too old to be commented.