Eurogamer reviews Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Eurogamer writes:

"Rise of a Ninja is by far the best Naruto game around, and its absolutely lovely cel-shaded graphics and gorgeous, authentic environments set it head and shoulders above the competition in terms of anime licensed games. However, the difficulty curve is nothing short of utterly random, and the Konoha missions lack the variety to make the game truly compelling - even if the series' wonderful drama shines through at all the key moments you'd expect. The lack of Japanese voice acting is a major negative point against the game, too, because the US dub is "controversial" to put it mildly; a huge number of Naruto's fans are familiar with the original Japanese audio, and the American voices on offer here will grate terribly as a result. Especially since most of the voice actors don't even seem to be able to pronounce the name of the series and its lead character consistently, let alone correctly."

Score: 7/10

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TheXgamerLive3887d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

However, 2 points.

The English dub is not that bad as he's said and the Japanese dub is available as DLC on Xbox Live.

So your satisfied either way.


Grinchy3887d ago

i saw a kid playing this in a game shop, and it does look very good. The cell shaded graphics look really sweet

ironwolf3886d ago

that the average video gamer would play with a turd if it had a controller attached to it.