Play Famicom games on your Nintendo DS

Sick of all those newfangled games on your Nintendo DS? This new gadget lets you dust off your old 8-bit games and play them on your DS Lite.

The CYBER Familator Lite plugs into your DS Lite's GBA adapter slot and lets you plug in carts from the old Nintendo Famicom (aka NES in the states), and play them right on the DS screen. While it's designed to play Japanese Famicom titles, you should be able to play NES titles on it too if you manage to get your hands on a Famicom->NES adapter cartridge.

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darthv723887d ago

it was called the mastergear and it let you play original master system carts on the gamegear. Cool idea but I liked trying to play master system games on my nomad using the genesis power base converter. Same for 32x games on the nomad.

clevernickname3886d ago

The Power Base converter would not work on the Nomad (and the later Genesis models) because of physical limitations, as I understand it.

The Game Gear was essentially a portable Master System, thus the compatibility.