The Naughty Dog Interview You Never Read

Back in 1995 when we were prepping our first issue of Video Game Time, we had the opportunity to interview Naughty Dog's Andy Ruben in his apartment in Cambridge, Ma. Since I was in San Diego at the time, I sent our Senior Editor, Perry Mercer, on assignment. They were working on Way Of The Warrior for 3DO and an unnamed secret project for the Playstation 1. Here is the interview taken from the magazine for your viewing pleasure.

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MultiConsoleGamer2179d ago

I remember when Crash Bandicoot was trolling the Nintendo offices in Washington with a bullhorn (megaphone).

Now he's released more games on Nintendo hardware than any other system. Funny how things change.

ChiVoLok02179d ago

I miss the original Crash (the one that was actually good)