Free Gears of War 3 DLC incoming

Eurogamer: A new complimentary DLC pack is on its way to Gears of War 3 later this month, developer Epic has announced.

Available for download from 24th November, the Versus Booster Map Pack offers five maps for public matchmaking playlists - two from Gears 1 (Swamp and Clocktower) and three from the just-released Horde Command Pack (Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive).

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Avraj452307d ago

5 free maps, that's awesome.

gamingdroid2307d ago

Those [email protected] greedy people at MS/Epic! /s

Thank you, it is awesome there are free maps. It means more people that will have the maps that I can play against!

princejb1342307d ago

yep free is always good
i love free

Toman852306d ago

Are there 5 maps for free? Downloaded Command pack with the season pass and I got Azura, Blood Drive and Rustlung. 2 free maps would been correct :P

And already after 2 week the people who didnt buy the season get the map pack for free, its a damn ripoff for us with seasonpass. Nice Epic games for stealing 2400MS points.

gamingdroid2306d ago

The Command Pack is for Horde *only*. You can't play those maps on Versus.

That is why it is 5 free maps for versus. So nobody got ripped off.

However, consider the fact that more people get to play the *free* maps mean larger community, I'm all for it.

Shackdaddy8362307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Isn't some of it already on the CD though? I remember hearing that they left out maps in the final game that were already on the CD...

Here's the video I think:

Pause at 1:08

IDK if this is info taken from the CD or not but it wasw before GoW3 was released. I don't see swamp and rustlung in there though. Maybe "day one" is supposed to be rustlung

da_2pacalypse2307d ago

the two new ones that were announced are not on the cd. Clocktower and bulletmarsh are not on the disc. the other 3 are.

Horny2307d ago

Hell yeah I can't wait for new maps. Being free is a big plus because it won't split the fanbase.

marioPSUC2307d ago

Thats really great how they are giving us free maps

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The story is too old to be commented.