Wii Fit Retail Pre-Orders: 120,000-300,000 in Japan

According to Sinobi, Japanese retailers are unsure just how well the Wii Fit and Wii Balance Board package will sell, and they have pre-ordered between 120,000 and 300,000 copies from Nintendo, which launches on 1st December.

Level 5's Professor Layton and the Devil's Box on DS, due 29th November, though, has around 600,000 retail pre-orders.

[ by Adam Riley for Cubed³ on 25.11.2007 ]

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solar3889d ago

hahahahaha, im sorry but between 120k-300k? what a joke. so we could be off by 180k at most ppl...

BubyDudy3889d ago

You have a point... :P

Even if it is 100K though, it's still a big number!

solar3889d ago

ya, well its like who has any credibility guessing numbers with a 180k + or -? if it was 1 million to 3 million give or take 180k thats a little more reasonable...

jinn3889d ago

Japan is really desperate. we need to give them some xbox live

forum_crawler3889d ago

I am sure that if they wanted to play online games they would fire up their computers and play online, so why xbox live? Not to mention the fact that the xbox doesn't really have a presence in Japan.

wiizy3889d ago

oh by the way. heavenly sword sold 8,000 and halo3 sold 30,000... you lies dont work when real numbers are out there.. so where is the real joke???

wiizy3889d ago

wii laughing straight to the bank..hahhahhahha

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The story is too old to be commented.