November’s Finest: PSLS’ Top Picks

November is a month that is filled to the brim with blockbuster titles that might be a little rough on that wallet your carrying in your back pocket. Thankfully, some of the staff at PlayStation LifeStyle have decided to fill you in on their 3 must have games come November, which should hopefully help you save some of that green come Christmas time. So without further ado, here their top picks for the three games you must own in November. - PSLS

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decimalator2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Uncharted / Skyrim / MW3

F all you CoD haters, it may be passe but I still love me some Call of Duty.

And I mean F in the nicest possible way. :)

T3mpr1x2210d ago

Enjoy your footsoldier war, I'm gonna take to the skies and make it rain death on my enemies in BF3! :)

decimalator2210d ago

I played BF3, and it just didn't "feel" as good as CoD. I loved the beginning of the campaign, but it just got stupid. The MP has been troublesome, but that's normal for just about any MP game these days. Hopefully they get things under control. I'm curious about the player counts. I know Black Ops had about 500k playing this weekend when I was on on Saturday.

T3mpr1x2210d ago

Ah, well see I'm tired of just running around and shooting the first thing I see move ala CoD. I love vehicular combat, so BF3 is where it's at for me.

BitbyDeath2210d ago

Starhawk will be better than both gameplay wise. ;-)

D3stinySm4sher2210d ago

My big games this month are UC3, Skyward Sword, and UMvC3, personally. I'd swap UMvC3 for Mario Land 3D if I had a 3DS. But I don't yet.

Lifewish2210d ago

Can't wait for some GoldenEye 007.

stormeagle62210d ago

Not one mention of Assassin's Creed? Really?

knifefight2210d ago

Seems it didn't get into anyone's top 3. Perhaps it's getting a little played out.

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