5 things that shouldn’t be included in GTA V

Drew Bergmark of WouldYouKindly writes: In excitement for the GTA V trailer release coming Wednesday, I thought it would be a great way to create a community conversation to put together a wish list for not to put in Rockstar Games’ newest title 'Grand Theft Auto V'.

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Just add everything that made GtaSanAderas Fun.Or I'm sticking with saintrow3.

kaozgamer2360d ago

yea i want to be able to do those small minigames like working out. oh yeah btw i want to be able to buy houses and cars coz in gta 4 i have around 1.2mil and i cant do anything with it

Laxman2360d ago

Working out in San Andreas was terrible and stupid. It made your character look retarded and messed with the pacing considering some of the later missions almost required certain levels of statistics. Utter crap.

KingPin2360d ago

i know 2 things that shouldnt be included.

- Realism
- Seriousness

Laxman2360d ago

Yeah, GTA was famed and loved for its over-the-top craziness and wackiness. I hope V goes back the old school a bit, or its going to lose some more fans to Saints Row for people just wanting the fun the series used to give, not the overly serious and often boring realistic style of IV.

fooltheman2360d ago

I would like the mini-games that were in San Andreas... Working out was a great minigame because it was simple and it didn't take long. It even changed the appearance of your person.
It would like to have all the things of san andreas back, especially those things that could change the appearance of your character while playing those mini-games.
I would like a map as diverse as san Andreas too.
Turf wars, bring it on. That was great in San andreas. Now they should bring it back and make it even better.

Angerfist2360d ago

No stupid Phonecalls,
better Car Controls,
a totally new Environment
and a bigger Mission Variety, like in BOGT and TLAD.

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