Egg Says Whut? Review: Batman: Arkham City

Now that they no longer have the element of surprise working to their advantage, can Rocksteady better Arkham Asylum with their much anticipated follow-up?

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AtomicGerbil2424d ago

Deducted 20% due to a bug that wiped the game save. How can they be sure it was the game? I've not heard of anybody else having this problem

meller2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

a lot of people had this bug. Or so I read all over the internet. Not sure if it's actually a bug tho, I'm at 81% and haven't had any issues. It's probably because the saving indicator isn't all in your face like in most games people dashboard or turn off their consoles while saving. 20% is a bit excessive tho..

The thing that bothers me in this review is how he blames the game for failing combos. It's as if he doesn't use the directional input when attacking. Surely the batarang doesn't always hit the opponent I was aiming for, but that's because there were more thugs in the same direction.

vyleside2424d ago

Oh, I certainly used the directions. I've actually captured a lot of footage to do a video version of the review, so you'll see where there is an enemy a couple of feet away and batman turns and just punches the air. It happened rarely, admittedly, but when it did, it was a nightmare.

The thing happened with the quickfire attacks when there was a single enemy. I'll be making the video over the next few days, so if you want video evidence, you'll have it shortly.

Captain Qwark 92424d ago

sometimes the game does mess up your combos but it doesnt happen often enough to even subtract points for and yes it has that game breaking bug however the bug can be avoided by simply hitting start and quit game, thats a practice you should get used to for anygame that autosaves as much as AC like dark souls for example becuase if you shut almost any game off during a save it will get corrupted

this game is an easy 10 for about a hundred reasons and even though it has a few issues, the good far outweighs any minor problems.

vyleside2424d ago

@Captain Quark 9

I didn't deduct any points for the combo thing, but it would be remiss of me to not mention points. I try to cover how the game plays, for better or worse. Combo perfectionists -- the kind of person who will spend a day trying to get a 300x combo or something like that -- will know of an issue. People who don't care, won't care. The things that affected the score were the pacing and flow, and the complete change of gameplay emphasis, which in my personal opinion lessened the overall experience.

And, of course, the save wipe bug, which, while rare IS something that needed to be mentioned. I have seen reviews for games that ignored similar bugs, even if they happened to the reviewer, and they got dragged over hot coals for not mentioning it.

According to the thread I linked in another comment, WB customer support is now saying it's likely that a DLC container may be corrupted, which is wiping game saves at random, whether it is saving or not, and may be fixed in a future patch.

Marcello2424d ago

I have not anything about any save bug nor suffered from it either, i doubt its true. Rocksteady would have patched such a problem straight away.

vyleside2424d ago


I wrote the review. There's a pretty big thread about the save file issue on the official AC forum:


I'm sure it wasn't auto saving at the time, as I'd just been killed and had paused to take some notes, so unless it took five minutes for the game to save, it couldn't have been that reason. I did then switch the console off.

I heard there was a similar bug with Asylum, but I got 100% on that without losing my save. If the potential to randomly lose your save isn't an issue to you, then it's a solid 9/10. If it is a concern, then it's 7/10, which is still very good... I don't subscribe to the weird notion that anything below 8 is terrible that many people have now.

TheRichterBelmont2424d ago

Every game is gonna have bugs. The usual culprit is not paying attention when the game is auto-saving on the bottom right hand corner, and people dashing-boarding or powering off.

Not worthy of such a deduction for sour grapes.

InTheLab2424d ago

I had my save wiped. Then I remembered why Cloud Saves are a gift from God :0

Sugreev20012424d ago

I use the PSN+ Cloud save option a lot,but it's best feature is that it even saves locked saves.

ACBAA2424d ago

more attention whores, writing a terrible review to get some attention is pretty pathetic