How to Manage Your Gaming Schedule

A lot of gamers lack the time to play all the titles they would like to. For a few years now, game producers have decided to drop all their big name games in the fall, mainly November. This has happened for three years now, but in 2011, this has really got out of control.

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MiyagiSPG2365d ago

I tend to stick to one or two games at a time before moving onto the game. This is a really usual way of gaming and it helped me complete Red Dead Rempdetion's single player 100% over the summer whilst playing another :)

ATi_Elite2365d ago

1. quit your job, school, social life
2. steal your neighbors electricity and Internet
3. hit the food bank for food donations
4. beg for money at the freeway to earn cash for new games
5. Enjoy a long lasting life of happily playing Video Games with no worries.

6. be the laughing stock of everyone on N4G!