Gamesradar: Lord of the Rings: War in the North review

Eradan, the human ranger, drew back his bowstring and unleashed a flurry of arrows at the charging orcs. His shots hit their target, though the foes continued to rush. Some stopped to fire off ranged attacks of their own, but their missiles bounced harmlessly off the elven Loremaster Andriel’s protective magical shield. Finally, once they were close enough, the dwarven champion Farin met them on the field of battle, hacking apart the orcs. He spun around, slicing down the smaller goblins in a powerful swing, before finishing off the larger enemies with the help of his allies. As their bodies fell in a heap of blood and limbs a large, angry troll burst out from behind a cave wall. It took the combined forces of all three warriors (and the aid of a giant eagle, summoned by the trio) to take him down.

All right, now repeat that for about ten hours. Roll credits.

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MiyagiSPG2268d ago

Can't wait to get this :) big Lord of the Rings fan!

But I don't get why the reviewer has a go at the repetitive battles since thats what to aspect in this type of games. One of the big features is hunting down amazing loot and to do this it does take repeating battles so it should be expected!