Harrison Ford’s Big Mug Is All Over Tokyo’s Shinjuku

Kotaku: Uncharted 3 spokesperson Indiana Jones Harrison Ford is currently plastered all over Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, and not for his latest movie, but for a video game.

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CynicalVision2211d ago

This could be slightly misleading, no? I mean if I can imagine someone seeing this and thinking he was in the game.

Of course I don't understand Japanese though so whatever it says next to his face could explain it.

Pozzle2210d ago

From what I can see, it's a messily written "suge" (slang for "good") and then has Harrison Ford's full name under it. So it looks like Harrison is saying the game is "good"...and that's about it.

SilentNegotiator2210d ago

It clearly says in Japanese,

So it's really just a 'quote' of Ford saying "This game is good"?

Wow....that's, uh....really thinking outside the box.

"Mr. Sparkle will make your dishes very clean clean" -Tom Cruise

2pacalypsenow2210d ago

Good actors promote good games

TheRichterBelmont2210d ago

Typical Hollywood star needed to make some extra dough in Japan, so lets plaster your face everywhere.

This makes me want to watch Lost in Translation again. xD