VG Chartz: Xbox Live Arcade Sales Chart for 11/17/07-11/24/07

VG Chartz has the latest weekly sales chart for all currently available Xbox Live Arcade titles. The titles are ranked by units sold for the week. The chart also includes each title's cost, revenue (for the week,) release date, total launch-to-date units sold, and total launch-to-date revenue.

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Capt CHAOS3954d ago

Don't forget Xbox Live arcade, that's where some of the best games reside.. and stop playing feeding frenzy..

BIGBAER3954d ago

And my family and friends too!

Boink3954d ago

we all agree vg chartz is junk for hardware sales, and now we start post their XBLA estimates?

aceitman3954d ago

all that money made and they have to charge us 4 live what the hell andf these are simple azz games to make ..

candystop3954d ago

Well with Xna games coming, Iptv, and platinum or whatever it appears as if MS is making a killing! Wii might be selling a bunch of consoles but thats about it!