Screenshots from Skyrim 'Making of' video show new enemies, new physics and breathtaking views

SystemLink: "Bethesda's new 'Behind the Wall: The Making of Skyrim trailer' holds a few more surprises then just how awesome this game looks, and how worrying close it is to release. Elder Scrolls faithfuls have poured over the video and pulled out some screenshots for your delectation and delight below."

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Bigpappy2421d ago

Somm say they will wait until next year for the goty edition. I envy your ability to way that long and save a few bux. I am no sure I can wait 10 more days. I am tempted to see if I can find a leaked version for the PC, then buy my xbox version on the 11th.

I will wait though. I always do.


I would actually buy the game twice just to show my support. But ya, logic tells me to hold out. Considering how angry I am with Batman AC and all the dlc crap they tried to pull, I have kind of promised myself all these games that come out later with all the dlc at a cheaper price.. well it just makes sense to wait.

Still my heart tells me this is just one game I don't want to miss. As long as they don't go to the online pass extreme and all that crap, I will buy now and will prob buy later as well.

2420d ago
Ren_2420d ago

A 'cheeky' surprise in that video on 2m11secs :P