CVG: Skyrim veterans: Will you stick with PC or switch to the sofa?

Until 2006 we'd always play every new Elder Scrolls game the exact same way: on a PC, monitor blindingly close, hunched over a keyboard with mouse ensnared in a bird of prey-like grip. And until the release of Oblivion we wouldn't have had it any other way.

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callahan092307d ago

Why would a PC gamer who played Oblivion on PC not want to play Skyrim on PC? And what the hell is wrong with the general gaming public always implying that PC games can't be played on the sofa? I play my PC games on the sofa whenever I feel like it. HDMI output on the PC, simple. You can even plug in a wired 360 controller and play it with that, but I just use a keyboard & mouse tray to make using my keyboard & mouse comfortable from in front of the TV.

nycredude2306d ago

I just purchased a 25 ft hdmi cable and a 25 ft rca cable to connect my laptop to my tv and I am using motion joy to connect my DS3 controller and emulate an xbox 360 controller to play this game. I just hope the gamepad support is better than it was for Oblivion, which was downright shit! It didn't recognize the triggers!!! WTF!!!

Can anyone confirm the support for gamepad on Skyrim. I can't find any info!

Cheydinhal2306d ago

Yessir, gamepad is fully supported. Not sure i'll use it though.

Letros2307d ago

Mods, that is all, they take TES games above and beyond.

Mr Tretton2306d ago

Considering I just bought a PC and no doubt it will be superior...PC.

And if you want to play it on a gamepad on a PC, on your sofa you can. Heck if you have a great office chair, it's as good as a sofa. All depends on your personal living situation/furniture of course.

Valvatorez2306d ago

Better off sticking with the PC,the graphics on sofas are shit.BTW How can someone be a Skyrim Veteran already,the game isn't out for nine more days? Unless you're reading this comment in two years time.Or a time traveler.Or work for Bethesda.

caboose322306d ago

Awww man, I guess I'll just have to play this on my silly PC hooked up to my 42" LED tv while lying down on my bed with a 360 controller hooked up to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.