What Will Make GTA V Better than San Andreas & GTA IV?

November 2nd is set to reveal the GTA V(5) trailer, however that does not stop the early speculation and rumors. Here at PlayStation Edge we have compiled a list of our thoughts, and ideas of what we are looking forward to in the next installment of the GTA series...

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Iroquois_Pliskin2301d ago

Fun! That´s what´s gonna make it better. GTA IV was way too realistic(or trying to be)! What makes the GTA franchise so good is the fun, dont forget that R*

s0c0m2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Yea, I missed flying planes! And snow would be awesome! Can't wait till they give us all the details.

LOGICWINS2301d ago

DUDE! Snow would be an awesome idea!

helder20002301d ago

I also agree, if they actually accomplish on making it look real, then I would be very surprised and love it m even more, cant wait till tomorrow!

topgeareasy2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

so it won't be better than vice city/jk

vice city: atmosphere
SA: game play and physics

thats what GTA 5 should be

s0c0m2301d ago

100% agree, and would also love to see the COOP in the single player, that would be epic.

LOGICWINS2301d ago

Not only did GTA4 have the best graphics of any GTA game, but it also had the best gunplay(cover system/aiming system). This should be brought back to GTAV.

nolifeking2301d ago

Big suprise, GTA IV looked better than San Andreas. How is something like that even worth mentioning? DMC4 looked better than 3 so it was totally worth it.

TheKindRoost2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

A good story like Vice city, the fun gameplay(Light rpg elements/dual wielding) and bigger maps like SA and the physics from GTA4 as for GFX I couldn't give a damn for this kind of game.

topgeareasy2301d ago

physics from GTA4 are terrible and driving is also bad (no f*cking seatbelts)

TheKindRoost2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

exactly! it was so ridiculous I had more fun messing with it than what the rest of the game had to offer.

news4geeks2301d ago

physics were fun, driving was good, GTA4 was one of the best GTAs. Hopefully GTA5 is similar.

xPhearR3dx2301d ago

Even though GTA IV was quite boring compared to previous GTA games. One of the things I really enjoyed was the physics. I loved just driving around seeing what I could pull off in a car. Some people hated them, some loved them. I personally loved them and would like to see them return.

helder20002301d ago

wow, i personally cant wait to receive it at gamestop

nolifeking2301d ago

Easy, everything from San Andreas minus the social aspect of IV. If you do that and add some new stuff you have a winner. Of course GTA being the title makes it a winner, but ya'll catch my drift.

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The story is too old to be commented.