ZTGD | War of the Worlds Review

Justin Testa writes: Since H.G. Wells first penned the 1898 novel, The War of the Worlds, there have been a wide variety of adaptations, including a radio program that actually made the world believe we were being invaded by life from another planet. A new War of the Worlds game is now available in video game form on the XBLA. In this version, the game manages to both take its own path and stay true to the book.

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Twizlex2449d ago

What? Did this guy even play the game longer than 10 minutes? It is by FAR not a 9.6. The controls are absolutely terrible. I don't like IGN, but their review was a much more accurate representation of what this game is like. They gave it a 4 I think. This review lowers my faith in ZTGD.

PaladinXII2449d ago

Our reviewer really enjoyed the game. His is one opinion. Just because you disagree with him, doesn't make him wrong.

FrustratedFury2449d ago

No. The reviewer is wrong. I personally know he was paid to write the review. Moneyhats all around. He just bought himself a brand new pool to go along with his EA Games Jacuzzi. I'm quitting the website now because I have lost faith in ZTGD.

Genghis2449d ago

seriously bro, relax the fuck out of n4g