Gamification has gone too far

Gamification is abusing video-game mechanics in order to get even more money out of you...and not even for video games!

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idontgetit2118d ago works and isn't going to go away.

THR1LLHOUSE2118d ago

I agree, this stuff is very annoying. That's why I do a pretty good job of avoiding crap like FourSquare or that TV-watching one. If I want someone on Facebook to know I watched Breaking Bad, I'll say "HEY, I WATCHED BREAKING BAD." I don't need no stinkin' badges.

THR1LLHOUSE2117d ago

It's a game kids play...You bounce a ball in a square and try to catch it. Something along those lines.

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Sadie21002118d ago

That Bunchball thing has been around for a few years. Anyone have any idea if they're doing well or not?