Final Fantasy Makers Unleash Lord of Vermillion On Arcades

Square Enix has decided to take their Vermillion IP and turn it into a card based arcade game in the form of Lord of Vermillion. It costs about 0.30$ to play and each time you play you get a playing card to keep! Location tests start on December 7th, 2007 and a nation wide arcade release is scheduled for sometime in January 2008.

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Bonsai12143888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

i dunno about anyone else, but my anticipation for this game plummeted when i learned it was a card game..

Douche3888d ago

Did Square Enix just screw the PS3 over or something? I don't know if I cared for this game too much either. But that's just because there is already a perfectly good card game out by the name of Eye Of Judgement.

Naruto3888d ago

they never announce this game for the PS3

Marona3888d ago

lol Finally! I though I was the only one who wasn't blind.

Darkiewonder3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

no. Squeenix fans jumped to conclusion. They assumed it was coming to the ps3. In fact, the original "news" said LOV is coming to the ps3 but they didn't have the magazine scan to prove it. It was more like "let's translate and change it a bit"

The scan that was shown later on, showed the platform "AC" aka Arcade.

EDIT: I love the disagree.

Ri0tSquad3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

lost intrest

artman3887d ago

Dragonball card game using playstation eye, I remember collected those all dragonball z cards.... Common' bandai! make one.

greenenvy3887d ago

SQUARE-ENIX announced lord of vermillion as a PS3 exclusive, and by tomorrow its gone just as fast................

they must have known "lord of vermillion" would have bombed BADLY, and so they cancelled it made it an arcade game......... OUCH

also, they probably saw Ubisoft's upcoming "dark messiah: elements" game for xbox360 and realized it was no competition.......dark messiah DESTROYS it.

and then they probably started wondering why they are attempting to be a playstation only developer, when you can make so much more elsewhere.............. :-D