Assassin’s Creed 3 Details Leaked? | GameBlurb

GameBlurb, "An interview with the lead writer of the Assassin's Creed games leads to some interesting leaks about the future of the series..."

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MicrocutsX22420d ago

They are definitely going to continue with Desmond, but a new assassin is quite intriguing.

LOGICWINS2420d ago

I LOVED Assassin's Creed 2, but I'm gunna wait till next to get Revelations and Brotherhood. I know Ubi will eventually release some big ass AC pack with all four main games. Also, I expect that there will be PS3 remakes of the DS and PSP Assassin's Creed titles.

Gordo7892420d ago

the image in the story makes me really want another mirror's edge game. NOW!

Disccordia2420d ago

It's on it's way. The website lists it as under development. On my phone so can't link but it's there check it out

BushLitter2420d ago

Is that image an official image from ubisoft or just an artist's impression? No way they could pull that off with their current engine.

Does make me excited about the storyline set in the present. Just not sure what they going to do about all the guns. Not to mention helicopters, tanks and jets!

BlmThug2420d ago

Its cutscenes from AC2

Nate-Dog2420d ago

That picture is from the final The Truth video in ACII.

Neoraf2420d ago

@BlmThug and Nate-Dog... next time click the link and read the article.
This way you won't look like fools...

Gordo789 isn't talking about the image attached to the article on N4G.

Nate-Dog2419d ago

@Neoraf: Actually yes I did read the link (hence my comment further down below the page), I figured BushLitter was talking about the image used on the N4G article submitted like since most of the time whenever I see a comment here on an article that mentions something about a picture it tends to be in relation to what's on N4G.

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ThrazN72420d ago

i really want AC3. revelations well be cool and all but i want the story to actually progress

lionelglitchy2420d ago

one set in the Roman empire period would be cool, could be set all around europe from italy to england and would give opportunity for amny new games, although it will be hard to replace ezio

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