What's So Hard About Dark Souls?

"Let me make one thing clear: as of now, Dark Souls is my game of the year. With gorgeous landscapes, incredible enemies, and an unmatched sense of adventure, Dark Souls has wowed me again and again. There’s a new discovery around every corner – even if that discovery is an axe to the head." - ChaingunPope

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HardCover2327d ago

I agree. The game isn't difficult as much as it is unforgiving.

ChaingunPope2327d ago

That's a good point. And honestly, aside from being cursed (hate that), there are tricks and work-arounds for most of it.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2327d ago

This game has ruined my life. Since I've gotten Dark Souls I've yet to beat infamous 2 as a villain, I still haven't tried resistance 3's online, I still haven't beaten Ace Combat, I'm only 2% done with Arkham City, and now Uncharted 3 is out. I'm gonna put it down for a while for Uncharted. I've been neglecting too many games.

Still fun as heck though XD.

himdeel2327d ago

You need more souls...keep playing Dark Souls.

dorron2327d ago

That's why I'll wait till next summer to play this game. It requires lots of time and there aren't many new games during summer...and it will be cheaper by next summer.

SSultan2323d ago

I love that the game requires a lot of time. I'm tempted to buy every last game coming out. I really am. But if I am having fun with Dark Souls... Why would I pick up another game? I found that when I get lost in certain games during major releases, I rarely go and pick up new games, and I ultimately save hundreds of dollars. And even better, once the new releases lose all their hype I suddenly stop caring about them. Then I go online to check up on the new games I am missing out on and everybody seems to be complaining about them. Sigh :]