Iwata: Wii Was Never Intended To Be "Casual"

GameBlurb, "The big boss over at Nintendo defends the Wii against the claims that it wasn't created for hardcore gamers...His response may actually surprise you."

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Ulf2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

So... Nintendo stumbled onto their fortunes, as of late? They thought they could capture the hardcore with Wii Sports and Wii Fit?

That's not exactly reassuring.

RahatR2363d ago

Yep I don't know what to say here. Really odd when even their next console seems to be something where they are targeting casuals as well..

decrypt2363d ago

I think its pretty safe to say no company can rely on casuals. Its the hardcore that matters. Casuals may buy your system once and a few copies of games however what they will not do is buy 1-2 games every month, this is exactly what the hardcore gamer does.

Hence they might have sold 70-80million consoles however most of their base isnt buying games. The console business largely depends on software sold if that is not happening they will run into trouble.

This should be a lesson for MS and Sony as well do not ignore the hardcore base in favor of the casuals. Hell it even applies to developers who try to dumb games down just to cater to a wider audience.

darthv722363d ago

Nintendo even said the wii wasnt competing with the PS3/360 and going for a different crowd.

I don't know how to perceive that now.

AWBrawler2363d ago

did you read the article? Even I was casual at one point, but guess what i became a Hardcore gamer somewhere between my SNES, Genesis, and N64 and I started buying more games. So I think it's like I said:
Wii is this generation's NES and the WiiU is set to be this generation's SNES

NukaCola2363d ago

I blame Nintendo of America and there statistical mindset on what the company should do. Very similiar to Kinect, where they look at charts and say "What game can we make to sell millions" and even if the idea is totally a fail for the core gamer, they push that cause it will sell. And whats sad is games like Xenoblade and Last Story get the shaft over here in the States. I really wish NoA wasn't able to make decisions. I really don't like Reggie or Cammy either.

mike1up2363d ago

NoA is at fault for Xenoblade and Last Story... but thats about it. I cannot blame them for the company's mindset. They were given a product, and they marketed this product the best way that they knew how.

But yea, Reggie and Cammy just come across as the slimy, fake, executive types that never seem to have a clue.

iamtehpwn2363d ago

If you guys remember the Wii's reveal, they actually showed off very many "core gamer" games along side casual:

And because casual I'm assuming yielded more profitable for them at the time, it inevitably became the direction of the console.

nondecaf2363d ago

That didn't look any different from what they were doing now,at Iwata.

ChickeyCantor2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

"They thought they could capture the hardcore with Wii Sports and Wii Fit? "

So...having 2 games aimed at a different demograph means everything else that follows is not meant for the HAWRDKWORE gamer?

Ulf2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Did they release Wii-ternal Darkness yet? I must have missed it...

Also, I think you, perhaps, missed the point.

ChickeyCantor2363d ago

I didn't miss any point.

Hardcore doesn't even have a solid definition. Every time a developer uses that awful word it just feels like he sold his soul to the devil.

I find a game of tetris far more hardcore than call of duty.

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Gordo7892363d ago

well, you can't always get what you want.

guitarded772363d ago

But if you try sometimes... you just might find, you get what you need.

TheBlackMask2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )


Meaning they saw how much money the casual audience could give them and went long that path instead

Basicaly there trying to say their sell outs

XFON2363d ago

and bobby didnt beat whitney......

bergoo2363d ago

just like sony didnt intend to get hacked.

Games4M - Rob2363d ago

Just like you tried to do a witty retort but ended up babbling irrelevant shit.

iNFAMOUZ12363d ago

dang the ps3 fans jumped on your disagree wagon fast lol

bergoo2363d ago

yea i knew they wouldn't like it. But I only post facts.

Hicken2361d ago

A fact is fine, but it didn't flow with the original comment. Hence why you got the disagrees. Has nothing to do with fanboys, and everything to do with an ignorant post.

bergoo2361d ago

ignorant reply to an ignorant comment...welcome to the internetz!

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rataranian2363d ago

N is now and forever will be a "family friendly" game company. Anyone who thinks that they will ever come out with a hard core blood and violence gaming machine to compete with MS and Sony are fooling themselves. They don't care about that. They care about making money.

HardCover2363d ago

Hardcore gaming doesn't mean "blood and violence gaming."

Unless of course you're 13 years old or something, in which case never mind me.

rataranian2363d ago

I know. I'm just saying tho many people that think hard core gaming think that way. Halo, Starcraft, ect. It's all war and weapon based stuff. Funny though how you related 13 year olds to blood and violence. Sadly it's very true.

kramun2363d ago

They have always been a 'family friendly' game company, but they've still had mature games on their consoles as well.

mamotte2363d ago

So there are companies that doesnt care about making money? What do you think Sony and MS are doing? Donations?

AWBrawler2363d ago

lol he said Hardcore blood and violence. That does not make a game hardcore lol. Silly elitist.

By that logic Elfen Lied is a Hardcore anime, eating medium rare steak is hardcore eating, Saw is a Hardcore movie series, and getting a nosebleed is a hardcore medical condition.

See what I did there?

mamotte2362d ago, if you excuse me, I'll take your ideas and make some demotivational posters.

+1 funny bubble for you, sir.

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