GameTrailers - Sonic Generations Review

GameTrailers: Does this Sonic duo work together and find their stride or are they down to their last ring?

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NukaCola2395d ago

Hell yeah he is. The classic mode is fun as hell, but OMG the new age mix in the behind the head mode is raging awesome. Only sadness I have is WHY COULDNT THIS GAME BE 60 FPS ON CONSOLES!?!?!?!! It's perfect for it and it's an easy graphical level (it's not realistic like BF for example) so it should of been easy to may 60frames, hell RAGE is. Other than that, what I played is still a 8-9 in my book. Thank you for making a true sonic game after so many years. (I did love the first DS game too.)

guitarded772395d ago

Solid score... really surprised and happy to see it.

PygmelionHunter2395d ago

Finally, this looks like something I might enjoy.