Gaming's Forgotten Faces of Horror

The following is by no means a collection of the scariest bunch, nor are they actually truly forgotten, but overlooked. They are those whose appreciation has fallen flat, smited either by obscurity, being out of date, or turned to dust by the driving of the awful sequel stake through the heart.

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contra1572391d ago

Blood was such an Awesome game !

barb_wire2391d ago

Oh man, 'Blood' was such a good game, I remember downloading the demo from a BBS (remember those?) at 2 in the morning..

Now, I wouldn't mind a remake of this

GoldenPheasant2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

At first I thought that was Chakkan. Sad the dreamcast version never saw the light of day.

Blood was indeed great.

haha, down to one bubble, sweet!