Top 5 Most Wanted Films-to-Games [Gamerockers]

After the spetacular Batman games of recent Gamerockers asks the office what are the other most wanted films-to-games we'd like to see. Gamerockers want to know what games YOU want to see turned into a (good) game too!

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Imikida2396d ago

It would be cool seeing these movies as games, but considering how most games based off of movies are horrible it would probably just be bad.

cpayne932396d ago

I would hate to see a masterpiece like Kill Bill get screwed up.

Kintypoo1212396d ago

Totally agree, but i'm hoping that the recent Batman games will change the trend and realise you've got to start giving these cash-in games some love if you want the people to respect your company and your product(s). Here's hoping anyways!

Relientk772396d ago

Inception would be awesome if it was made well