Gamestop Sells Customer Demo Disc

"Last week when I was in Gamestop, there was a new copy of Steambot chronicles on the wall. I had some extra cash today so I went by to see if it was still there. It was, so I grabbed it and a used game and left. I didn't look at the disc much when I placed in the ps3. I started playing about an hour ago and when I finally got to a save point I was told you can't save during the demo version. O-o I pull out the disc and finally take a look at it. "

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BloodySinner3892d ago

This dude totally got ripped.

Douchebaggery3891d ago

@ss rape is to be expected when dealing with Gamestop.

clevernickname3891d ago

One would think that this would be easy to rectify. Take the disc back, explain the problem and ask for an exchange.

I don't know why people expect geniuses behind the counter when Gamestop pays minimum wage.

smturner683891d ago

Darn, I was gonna go get a part time job to subsidize my gaming habit, so I figured that working there might give me an employee discount or something, but if they only make less than 1/4th my regular job's pay, then screw that. I can see it now, getting a check for 20 hours of work, and have it be 80 dollars. OMG! I just worked an extra shift tonight at my xray job and made $299.04.
Yeah, if those guys work for that little, I guess Gamestop gets what they pay for.

SmokeyMcBear3891d ago

so you get paid 25 bucks an hour and you are seriously thinking about getting a job at gamestop.. wow

skillshot3891d ago

$299? Is that about £30 in real money ;)?

DRUDOG3891d ago

Considering we use $$$ in the US I'd say I'd rather have $299 than 30 quid. Wouldn't get me very far around here.

poet2153891d ago

that had me cracking up!!! lol

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jack who3891d ago

sony's team mate in game of how low can u go.

ruibing3891d ago

Huh? Because it's a PS2 game demo?

FourtyPoundSteak3891d ago

i work at gamestop... sh#t happens, get ur receipt, take it back, and quit complaining. this definatly isnt worth a Topic Post. someone must have traded in a demo version of that game and the employee took it in without paying close attention.

DRUDOG3891d ago

More likely one of the employees just brought in their own crap and pawned it off as the full version.

It doesn't take long to open the case and look at the disc. Might be mistaken, but don't most of them take the disc out and peek at the back to see how scratched up it is? Besides, if you look at the picture it's plain to see that someone blacked out part of the front of the disc. That should have been an immediate warning sign. I mean, who goes around blacking stuff out on the front of their discs for no damned reason (and if it was to mark it as some might suggest, putting your initials on it would be easier to identify, no?).

Polluted3891d ago

Agreed. The guy behind the counter made a mistake. No big deal. Everyone jumps all over crap like this because nobody likes Gamestop. Definitely not front page material.

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The story is too old to be commented.