November 2011: Greatest Month in Gaming?

Carl B. of writes, "The Holiday season is always the biggest moment of the year for the games industry, with plenty of high profile games releasing over the course of October to December. 2011 has been above average for gaming in general – awful for Nintendo only gamers – but there is a bevy of hot titles coming out in November alone. Is November 2011 the greatest month in gaming?"

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RoboSpiff2307d ago

Skyward sword, uncharted, and skyrim. Heck yes a great month.

NukaCola2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

EDIT @ yoda, lol I am dumb sorry.

I do agree it's a great month for gaming. I am pretty curious to see the final outcome of Saint's Row. It looks flat out fun. Oh and on the battle to it's release I am excited to see what direction GTA V is going. Could Saints take the crown? Or will GTA V deliver something totally untouchable? Tomorrow we find out!

YodaCracker2307d ago

Except they did mention Modern Warfare 3 right after Uncharted 3...

RoboRyan2307d ago

Definitely an amazing month ahead. I only wish I had more free time and money to play all the games I want. I'd add Assassins Creed: Revelations to the list, but I understand a lot of people aren't that into AC.

PimpHandHappy2307d ago

and i have played the sh!t out of em all but it feels like i just beat the last one and with all these games coming it is getting pushed back

Skyrim is also getting pushed back just because i have beat Batman (mostly) and will be getting UC3 today or tomorrow. I still want to get BF3 also. Its about time and money and being smart with both 4me

shadowwizard2307d ago

Well it very well may be, not only from release perespective, but tomorrow we're getting GTA V trailer, not to mention other things gaming related.

xer02307d ago

Probably the best month this year.

But if you also own a PS3 then you can count October as well.

GT5 Spec 2.
Resistance 3 etc.

Resistance 3 is a good game - it's just a shame that the sales don't reflect that yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.