Online Passes: Why They are a Good Thing, And Why They are Here to Stay

Giuseppe Nelva of discusses on why the dreaded online passes actually have a beneficial effect on the market, and why no rage or protests will make them go away.

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Bags_BuzzFocus2424d ago ShowReplies(2)
RXL2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Video game companies have made millions if not billions before this..and not they'll make more..this sounds like something bobby kotick thought up..

does it suck?..


is it here to stay?..

unfortunately yes..

Bags_BuzzFocus2423d ago

ditto on the "unfotunately, yes"


i can understand your argument, & agree

2pacalypsenow2423d ago

Theres nothing good about gamepasses

Hicken2423d ago

I'll pass on the passes, pun completely intended.

There is honestly no excuse. It doesn't help developers. A restructuring of the revenue sharing model for a new game would help developers. They do all the work, but publishers get all the money. The ONLY way to get devs more money is to sell more copies or change the percentage they get from each sale.

Online passes are greed, pure and simple. They're a way to try and force people to buy new copies or, failing that, to generate revenue from a copy of a game they've already been paid for. It's a disgusting, sickening practice that I hope dies a fast, painful death.

Unfortunately, we have lots and lots of ignorant people out there, like the author of this article, who think online passes are a good thing.

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