Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Trophy Guide

PSLS: Want to get all of the trophies for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception? Use our trophy guide.

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doctorstrange2180d ago

Nov 2nd can't come soon enough!

Sev2180d ago

So weird that it's the 2nd in the UK, what's the point of one day difference?

decimalator2180d ago

That sucks! Poor Europeans, denied their Drake fix.

decimalator2180d ago

I so need to pick this game up. Why is it Nov 1st and I don't have it?

ftwrthtx2180d ago

Picked up my copy last night. Wanted to just have it all ready for me to play this morning so I popped in the disc and ended up playing until 3.

Lifewish2180d ago

5pm and end of work can't come soon enough. Thanks for the guide!

cochise3132180d ago

I'm waiting till 4, then I'm rushing home to play this masterpiece.

T3mpr1x2180d ago

Bookmarked for later, should I ever feel the need to platinum this!