Deeko's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Review

"Uncharted hasn't exactly been at the center of the hype machine and perhaps this fact alone was why I never felt like it was anything truly amazing, but having now played through it and completed it, I can honestly say that it should have been the center of attention for any number of reasons and Naughty Dog should be incredibly proud of their latest achievement."

Score: 9/10

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shmee3952d ago

UNCHARTED is graphically rivalled by only Crysis and R&C

360sucks3952d ago

all the Disagree
cant afford a ps3
and just mad its not
on the lagbox360

jaja14343952d ago

So you dismiss all other opinions just outright enh? Yea thats intelligent.

Daishi3951d ago

How could I disagree that it's your GOTY? I don't know you, and with your grammar I don't want to frankly...

Hydrollex3952d ago

Best graphic
Best Story
Best soundtracks
Best characters

In 2007 ! PERIOD.

now 360 fans come and say NO no halo 3 halo 3.

bubble bubble bubble

jaja14343952d ago

I don't know any 360 owners who would claim Halo 3 is better than ME or Bioshock, but I do love that you assume as much. Makes me giggle inside.

TheExecutive3951d ago

You dont know of any? lol

DrPirate3951d ago

I think Bioshock had the best story of 07, man, what an ending that game had.

But I agree, Characters, Soundtrack, Graphics, and Gameplay are all the best I've seen in 07.

Bonsai12143952d ago

honestly, this game is great. if you haven't played it, try it out at least. i just got finished with a session with it. around 1 and a half hours. i didn't notice the time go by. unfortunately, i'll have to wait a month to finish the game.. oh well. haha. it'll just make me anticipate it more.

Hydrollex3952d ago

Ahh that's a noob PS3 fanboy. I'm a ps3 fanboy too but did you just compare Uncharted and crysis to Ratchet and clank ? That makes you a noob sorry