GTA V Top 10 Wish List

Dealspwn lists the top ten features they'd like to see in the soon to be announced Grand Theft Auto V

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FuzzyPixels2452d ago

Not sure if co-op ranks too highly on my list of wants for GTA V but I agree with much of what's written here. More imaginative quests and better checkpoints are a must (although GTA IV did improve the latter somewhat). The GTA series has inched fairly close to a Western RPG model in some respects since it went 3D, would be interesting to see what new additions Rockstar make to their formula.

But yes...more army, more tanks and a Hunter would be nice.

StraightPath2452d ago

local co-op would be nice too and pages of fun cheats.

Blues Cowboy2452d ago

I'd like Rockstar to deliver a fun-focused experience that focuses on colourful environments, insane characters, ridiculous weapons... wait, that's Saint's Row 3.

Okay, then how about taking it back to cowboy times, casting players as an outlaw who's forced to ride throughout an open-world Wild West for one last hurrah... oh, that's RDR.

More of the same then, please. Totally agree about needing a more dynamic hero, though - and one who you can properly invest yourself in.

Pikajew2452d ago

I want a sandbox mode. That you can have unlimited health and go anywhere, even places they dont let you. And you can cause lots of mayhem with any weapon or car you want.

kma2k2452d ago

Lets just throw this out there, so many people cant seem to decide what time period they want, hell just have 4 or 5 different areas with time travel, Wild West, 1930's, 1980's, present, future!

Yea this would never happen but with all the crazy ideas being throw around why the hell not

modesign2452d ago

Originality should be #1, do something no ones ever thought of. like red dead redemption. instead of just lumping previous titles into this.

undercovrr2452d ago

The only original thing about RDR was the story and setting. The heart and soul of RDR was still GTA

modesign2452d ago

atleast rockstar had to make new environmental assets for RDR. i just want them to make new assets for GTAV.

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