Bethesda: Skyrim Trailer "Was a Mix" of Platforms

Twitter argument reveals Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim initial trailer wasn't captured using just Xbox 360 footage! Does it really matter?

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athmaus2237d ago

doestn matter to me....just cant wit for htis game!

StraightPath2237d ago

it is coming next week :D

DemonStration2237d ago

I think it will look pretty okay on everything

Saryk2237d ago

Anything that is used to promote a video game that will be on multiple platforms: should be made with the machine that has the lowest settings or clearly indicated in the trailer,commercial, etc.

IrishAssa2237d ago

Yeah I was under the impression it was the 360 trailer as originally stated and the Draw distance was as good as that. Guess not, Draw distance will only be a bit better than Oblivion I assume.

TheDarkness2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

It matters to me cause i dont wanna get the version that docent have something the others do.

TheBlackMask2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

I call BS....

All the "Why no PC/PS3 footage" talk around the web since E3 and they never said anything. If this was true they would of used this in the defrence straight away.

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