More patch 1.04 details revealed for Dark Souls

From Software has revealed several more details regarding the upcoming 1.04 patch for the recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, Dark Souls.

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PsERSONA2183d ago

I hope I can co-op with my friend after this patch. ):

flyingmunky2183d ago

I hope they don't nerf pyromancy, my build relies on it quite a bit. Same for iron flesh, that spell saves my butt in tight situations.

I guess I'll see tomorrow.

TheMrMadzen2183d ago

Lots of amazing enhancements! :D
The ring of fog was incredibly overpowered.

Tanir2183d ago

lol, so far no problem with ring of fog people, but i can see how ring of fog would suck for mages.

i just 2 hand my sword and they die so fast lol.

Sarevok2183d ago

What type of sword do you use?
I'm rocking a +5 lightning bastard sword :D

Tanir2183d ago

Using +4 Sword of Qualagg or what ever its called lol

TheMrMadzen2183d ago

+5 Qualaag's Furysword & +5 Greatshield of Artorias

PsERSONA2183d ago

Artorias shield is beastly... It's a shame how high the str requirement is.

zerocrossing2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

I got invaded by a "ring of fog" user the other day, SOB killed me :/

btw, nice sword choice :D im thinking about gettig that Sword of Qualagg.

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Philoctetes2183d ago

I would actually prefer that they not fix the dragon head glitch. I didn't use it until the very end of my first playthrough, but at that point it was nice to be able to load up on materials, spells, etc. for trophy-hunting purposes. Not having to grind for this stuff was helpful.

Psychonaughty2183d ago

No mention of fixing that farming place, the one where you go into the corner next to the staircase and the mobs fall off the cliff giving you 6k souls per kill (well in +1 anyway). Hope it doesn't get fixed!

Cenobia2183d ago

They didn't mention the red dragon either. I killed him with one arrow shot from the knight's tower behind him.

Kind of felt cheated out of a boss battle (or mini-boss battle I guess), but I suppose there is always new game+.

The cracked red eye orb thing pissed me off too, so I'm glad that is fixed.

v7seven2183d ago

I believe they already fixed the dragon glitch in a previous patch.

icarusorigin2183d ago

I don't think they can get rid of that bug, they would have to rework the whole AI. All they could do is lower the souls dropped

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