Digital Foundry: What if Uncharted 3 ran at 60FPS?

In common with most console titles, Drake's new adventure runs at a capped 30 frames per second - a necessity when you factor in the sheer amount of processing going on behind the scenes in rendering the state-of-the-art visuals. However, Jorge Soares, the editor of Eurogamer Portugal, noticed something rather interesting in a recent Uncharted 3 marketing video - the game was clearly and obviously running at 60 frames per second.

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nycredude2335d ago

I like to say games are locked at 30fps unless of course it drops below that on a regular basis, in which case it would be "capped" at 30fps.

BiggCMan2335d ago

Naughty Dog have optimized the games to run so well, that it looks like they play at way above 60 frames. I've played games on my computer at 100 frames, and Uncharted plays just as well as those do. Dunno how they do it, but they still seem to amaze me.

bumnut2335d ago

Thats got to be the funniest comment I have read today.

D3athc3ll2335d ago

haha, he may be wrong, but Uncharted at 60fps won't be such an upgrade. Its not a fps! Its not cod!!!

Kur02335d ago

most people have trouble seeing the difference of 60fps-30fps on TPS.

bumnut2335d ago


sorry I meant to say Uncharted Rules!

ABizzel12335d ago

If you have a TV that has motion flow, 120hz or more then the game looks like this even at 30fps. I always play my games with Motion plus on and I have a 240hz Samsung so all my games run like this, but I guess it's pseudo 60fps or just looks like it.

LightofDarkness2335d ago

There was a video on IGN a while back with the same framerate. Possibly it was running on a dev PC, but I always understood that the code ran slower on dev PCs than on dev kits because of cell optimization.

ElDorado2335d ago

If it would have been possible ND would have done this for sure, since no one but ND(except maybe GG) knows how to max out the PS3. The beautiful graphics would not have been possible @ 60FPS, that's why GG and Naughty Dog make their games @ 30 FPS so the game looks a lot better. Next generation will be amazing, just imagine.

kennyboy2335d ago

worse, many cgs run at less than 30fps as uncharted and other ps3 exclusive games aim for that type of visual look anyway, so 30fps is the only way to make the game have that cinematic look 60fps probably wouldnt look any where near as good as the 30fps cause it would be to fast for it to be cinematic, and on the subject of a pc dev kit, there are none they make ps3 and 360 games on their own hardware and software kits, so dont hype the "mighty" pc as doing anything other than designing these games

death2smoochie2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Jesus Christ do you even know what CG is?
You know what? Here is the definition for CG that you keep sprouting about and know absolutely NOTHING about.
FYI: ALL VIDEO GAMES USE IT. The more realistic forms of CGI requires more polygons per rendering model.
You are the Sarah Palin of N4G.COM

"so 30fps is the only way to make the game have that cinematic look 60fps probably wouldnt look any where near as good as the 30fps cause it would be to fast for it to be cinematic"

You do suffer from something. The higher the frame rate the smoother the game you dolt.
60fps would make the game look more cinematic because it would be more fluid in gameplay. Good god man you should stop smoking Crack.

Uncharted 3 like many other console games that have intensive graphics RUN at 30fps because they cannot run higher then that unless they want screen tearing, lower resolutions and less detailed textures and environments. Name me ONE exclusive PS3 game that has intensive graphics, interactive backgrounds and not static ones like racing games and fighting games that is NOT an PSN title that runs at 60fps?

Name me ONE 3rd person or 1ST person shooter that runs 60fps on the PS3 that is not from the PS2 era.
Do not bring up Rage as that game has MAJOR issues with visuals and textures to achieve 60fps on consoles. Lets not even mention the dog breakfast for the PC version.
I will tell you why there are none and none on the Xbox360 as well:

The reason because these consoles have limited memory/bandwidth/processing power....
Good god look who I am explaining this to? The N4G member that went Full Retard at birth.
Forget what I said Kennyboy. Continue to live in ignorance and the belief that the PS3 is more powerful than a High End PC.

STK0262335d ago

I'm sorry, but the whole "30 FPS is more cinematic than 60 FPS" argument needs to die. Take a look at the first MAdden on the PS3, it looked pretty much like the X360 version, but ran at 30FPS while the X360's version ran at 60 FPS. And no, the PS3 version did not look more cinematic, nor did it look more like the NFL on TV.

I'm not saying every game needs to be at 60 FPS, but claiming it's better to have a game run at 30 rather than 60 doesn't make much sense to me. Now, since consoles have limited power (and to some extent, the PC as well), it's undertandable that most games will be locked at 30 in order to provide better graphics. But, if you could have Uncharted 3 look like it does right now, but running at 60fps, I'm pretty sure every one would agree it's the superior version.

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The story is too old to be commented.