The PS3 is on the rise in North America

When Sony initiated the 40GB PlayStation 3 at a lower price in Japan, it was instantly received with great success. When November 2nd, came around, the Sony rolled the dice in North America to see if triumph will shine over the PS3 in the more dominant market.

Since then, the word has been that the PlayStation 3 is seeing great growth in North America since the addition of the 40GB PS3 model. However, Sony never officially came out and gave confirmation on the 40GB's success in North America.

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DethWish3829d ago

Looking at what happened with him posting below, You were soooo right xD

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PimpHandHappy3829d ago

u have beem mounted by a PS3

ok then

im out

Covenant3829d ago

Love your avatar...that scene was easily one of the funniest ever on Family Guy.

mark093829d ago

what episode was that

Covenant3829d ago

"The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire." Watch what happens after Lois drops her drawers and tell Peter to spank'll laugh hard enough to wet yourself. :)

Hydrollex3829d ago

of course ps3 will win. Uncharted and Call of duty 4 showed that PS3 can do more than ported sh!ts. MGS4 , Killzone 2 , GTA IV , GT5 and many games will proof this. Just wait

bubble me if you want me to talk

felman873829d ago

Sounds awfully familiar, near similar to news we heard last year.

Snukadaman3829d ago

Its starting too get redundant with this sort news...everyone who isnt a idiot knows the ps3 will sell better this holiday....question is will it keep going through jan-april is the true test.