Bethesda Talks about the creation of Skyrim – What to Expect?

GameZone's Andrew Clouther provides commentary on what to expect from Skyrim, in terms of balance of classes/skills and changing gameplay while staying true to its predecessors. There is also a video of Bethesda talking about expectation with Skyrim and what they focused on.

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athmaus2397d ago

I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aawells072396d ago

and i just cant hide it i'm about to lose control and i think i like it. lol

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2396d ago

I love how they did a preview video of the making of video. Seriously for a game like this, it's something worth watching.

SockeyBoy2396d ago

This looks freaking nuts!

Off topic: Guys and girls, my Xbox account got hacked today and most of my points stolen. Lucky I could reset my password via hotmail. I'm really pissed off! But just keep and eye out and make sure your gamertag is still allocated to your xbox!

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