The Best Stunt Driver in Gran turismo 5

TecStories writes: I always thought only fast or powerful supercars could wheelie or do actual car stunts without the use of aids like ramps. Seems like i was mistaken. A Pro Gran turismo 5 fan has managed to change his suspension settings to allow his Volkswagen Schimmwagen to be able to perform a number of cool stunts. If you want your Volkswagen Schimmwagen to behave like this fehome recommends that you buy all upgrades use Racing soft tyres and apply the following suspension settings. Good luck with the suspension settings because all the settings are not in english :/

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ZBlacktt2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Rather boring watching him do the same things over and over. Better stunt video's are people who use the track to do massive jumps and flips and what not.

300 yard flip at 200mph over everyone and landing in 1st place....