EA Extends Olive Branch to Call of Duty

EA has called a truce in its war of words with bitter franchise rival Call of Duty.

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-Alpha2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Step 1. Talk a lot of trash and hype before the game comes out to draw attention
Step 2. Release your game with said trash talking and hype
Step 3. Try to soften the blow of MW3's release by pretending like nothing ever happened
Step 4. Back out of initiated fight casually and pretend to be happy for the competition, despite the fact that you were out for their blood

Meanwhile, Activision will likely dominate in sales, will probably take back all the COD players that decided to pop the Battlefield Bubblegum to taste for a week, which would lead to EA looking stupid, because these higher ups view sales as a representation of fan preference anyway. All the trashtalking about BF3 destroying COD will fall on EA's face and things will go back to the way it used to be.

EA should also focus on supporting BF3 instead of trying to be the hereoes at this point anyway. Fixing those laggy servers are a damn good start and releasing some maps that are more like Caspian and less like Metro and its awful chokepoints. Perhaps they can use this time to also tell us about some of the content they promised us but never yet came. I want my BattleRecorder, for one. And whatever happened to shooting out lights to create darkened rooms? I shoot out lights, and if they shatter (which they don't always do) they still emit a light. Sounds like they rushed this game to come out before MW3 to secure those non-BF players

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Godchild10202455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

How will EA look Stupid? They have already said that BF3 will sell better then Mw3, but they did say it will take market share and if they did sell 5 million copies last week they already won the fight they were fighting. The fight wasn't really against MW3 it was against the sales numbers they projected, the marketing they have done and seeing as how they have reached 5 million and maybe 7-8 million by the end of the year, they are good to go.

I understand my point is a little contradicting, but in the end we will see, as soon as people/news sites start to compare BF3/Mw3 some more after MW3 is released.

Yes, the bashing was to build hype, but that was expected. EA was not the only company to do it. There were news sites doing it too. In the end the ones that are picking up BF3 & MW3 are the winners and the ones that only pick up one or the other prefer the one they picked up.

I don't agree or disagree, because there are points in your post that I agree with and others I don't. As one person stated once before, there has never been a game that has a solid first week when it came to the online servers. Not even COD.

-Alpha2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

My problem is just that: they tried to take a bite out of COD's market, and what better way to do that than to rush your game out and try to cater your game towards them?

Despite the trashtalking, Battlefield 3, as great as it is, was rushed to come out before Call of Duty, and as a result the product suffered. This is a matter of the trashtalking they did about destroying CoD, they aren't going to do it and when sales numbers come in for CoD I'm sure they will play the thing off like they are doing now.

It's just annoying that instead of focusing on the product they had to try and focus attention around Call of Duty. I get that it builds hype, but I feel that they shouldn't have to associate with that series and should focus on what makes their series great.

I've hated EA a lot more since they destroyed the NFL 2K series, but that's more of a personal thing lol. I always found what they said about CoD and competition to be totally hypocritical

DasBunker2454d ago

"My problem is just that: they tried to take a bite out of COD's market, and what better way to do that than to rush your game"

lol reminds me of MS this gen.. which led to you know what...

anyways i dont care what they say about each other... remember kids, for them this is a business.

awi59512454d ago

Microsofts plan worked they took a giant mega bite out of sony's market share. But they didnt plan on nintendo taking the market behind their backs like solid snake lol.

0neShot2453d ago

You did not understand what -Alpha said or you're just simply an idiot. EA has been trashing and going after COD's throat since they launch BF3, the EA CEO himself is leading the charge with all the anti-COD comments over and over. They even said COD will go down in 2 years time just like Guitar Hero.
EA actually is the dodgy company you really can't trust because of the way they attack the competition, which makes me pondering if they are really the cause of the breakup of the original Infinity Ward to get those guys over to their camp.

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ATi_Elite2455d ago

...but I hate EA.

EA are stupid and really took a piss on BF3. All the trash talking from a bunch of pencil pushing execs was really stupid. EA forcing DICE to make a SP story mode was stupid as it took away time from perfecting the MP. Also the decision to keep BF3 off of Steam really pissed off a lot of Gamers not too mention EA has held back so much content to rape our wallets in the form of $DLC$ that this is gonna ruin the BF experience.

Meanwhile Activision has kept pretty quiet and just focused on what they do. No mouthing off from Kotick, no sudden stupid moves, just a huge countdown timer on Steam which is seen by 3 + million gamers at any moment 24/7.

MW3 is gonna do over 10 million in 3 days!

I prefer BF3 and DICE but i'm very happy how Activision has just gone about business instead of being jerks like EA.

Szarky2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Totally agree, EA really pushed DICE to make so many bad decisions. They really shouldn't have wasted time on a co-op campaign, it's so generic I wish the time would have been spent to make the MP playable which it's NOT right now: voice chat broken and squad keeps splitting up on PS3. So many more things I could list.

SockeyBoy2454d ago

I totally agree, the game feels way too rushed. I'm sorry I don't like this game, i'm not a fan of military shooters, but I can see why people like it though. The campaign is predictable and boring, and MP is annoying, i'm respawning in front of the other team in TDM, and there is too many campers!

Not my cup of tea.

Sithlord-Gamble2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

"I totally agree, the game feels way too rushed. I'm sorry I don't like this game, i'm not a fan of military shooters, but I can see why people like it though. The campaign is predictable and boring, and MP is annoying, i'm respawning in front of the other team in TDM, and there is too many campers!

Not my cup of tea."

Everything u just said is also defining MW/COD lmao. Too many campers? Seriously??? Thats all MW is: A run n gun campers dream! Have u played Conquest? I don't think u have!

I liked the campaign, & if MP was annoying its either bc A) U Suck ... or B) u didn't invest enough time into the game to actually learn it.
BF3 is a team players dream and a lone wolfs worst nightmare.
I don't know about u but ive had the most fun ive had in a long time playing this game.

awi59512454d ago

Dude you are playing team death match on a Battlefield game that makes you a total noob. Play conquest then you can say you played battlefield.

Sithlord-Gamble2454d ago

Exactly Bro! Besides, he said hes not even a fan of military shooters so his comment holds zero weight.

SockeyBoy2454d ago

I've played all the MP modes. No one works as a team on any of them. On Conquest its a race to see who can jump in vehicles the fastest and drive off without waiting for everyone. I said "i can see why people like it" and I don't like it or military shooters.

Tuxedo_Mask2454d ago

When I play, if I get a vehicle I'll wait for others to hop on if they want, I'll even slow down when I see someone running to see if they want a ride.

It is annoying to spawn right in front of someone on the other team and get killed the second you come back, but I usually take it in stride. I get mad sometimes when I play, but usually it's because of my own mistakes or lag, besides, it's just a game so I try not to take it too seriously.

As for BF3 vs CoD, this is the fourth FPS I've bought this gen and I don't plan on buying anymore. None of them are CoD because I just never got into it. I'm not a big FPS player, but I had a lot of fun playing BF1943 and so I picked up BF3.

My biggest complaint about BF3 is the fact that I can't destroy as much as I could in 1943, for instance I couldn't mow down a highway sign with my tank, which I found odd, but I still have fun anyway. The lag is kind of annoying sometimes, and I hope they do fix it, but I'd rather be able to destroy more stuff. You could level the maps in 1943, but you can only gut them in BF3.

awi59512454d ago

Then find a group or a platoon to play with . Im in the giantbomb battlefield steam group we play BF2,bad company 2, and BF3 we have our own servers to play on as well.

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ambientFLIER2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Amen! BF lets you shoot the lightbulbs out of the circular lamps with flies under them, yet the light pattern remains below Why even let us do it then???

BF is definitely rushed, and that's a shame. EA are the ones doing all the trash talking, and COD will quietly steamroll them in a couple of weeks and take back a lot of the players.

Clarence2454d ago

How will they look stupid BF3 has sold 5m copies that's excellent numbers. Everybody knows that MW is king in sells, but that doesn't make it better. Activision was talking alot $h!t as well.

If anything MW is the bubblegum game.

artdafoo2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Or if you're Avctivision:

Step 1. Take the tired COD engine from COD 4
Step 2. Put on a new coat of paint, call it World @ War ! and say it's a new game

Step 3. Take the tired COD engine from COD 4
Step 4. Put on a new coat of paint, call it MW2 ! and say it's a new game

Step 5. Take the tired COD engine from COD 4
Step 6. Put on a new coat of paint, call it Black Ops ! and say it's a new game

Step 7. Take the tired COD engine from COD 4
Step 8. Put on a new coat of paint, call it MW3 ! and say it's a new game

Step 45. Take the tired COD engine from COD 4
Step 46. Put on a new coat of paint, call it COD The Return of Jeebus and say its a new game

AngryEnglish2454d ago

Actually.... the Cod 4 engine is not the MW2 engine or the MW3 engine... and yes i know they was all based off carmacks engine....but so was most other peoples games as the engine was that good and easy to use

0neShot2453d ago

Are you gonna say the same to Gears 1,2,3 ; ME 1, 2,3 ; Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas ; BC2 and MoH MP? Dead Space 1 and 2, etc?

Using this lame argument already identifies you a fool and a moron.

lMHl2454d ago

servers in australia are a joke for BF3

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Sickr2455d ago

Never before have I seen the amount of trash talking between two prominent video games companies as I have with these two.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2454d ago

This is pretty pathetic. They honestly keep bringing attention to themselves in the worst possible way. I'd just like to note how a lot of people on this site are also changing their tune already, funny.

younglj012454d ago

Wow why back track now?After tha shit ya'll talked now you decided too back off after your first week sales are in.I understand people is going too blame EA but some blame also goes too DICE.

If I was DICE I would have told them too stfu and let us focus on making tha best game we can instead of defending our product.And too be honest I'm pissed off at DICE and EA.They hyped up tha PC version so much they forgot about tha console owners.

Tha fact that BF3 cost less on PC but they get more is not acceptable in my eyes.They couldnt even give us 16v16 on consoles.

AznGaara2454d ago

You don't bite the hand that feeds you. EA gives the money and what's DICE supposed to say? I agree the game was a little rushed but, right now its doing alright. Its fun.

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