Grand Theft Auto V: Here’s What Rockstar Should Do

Tomorrow, Rockstar is going to unveil the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Unless they pull a Kojima and the trailer is nothing but another countdown clock, Rockstar is going to unveil something about the setting, story or main character. The series has had a wide variety of environments and an even more diverse cast of characters, so the details of the next installment of the series is hard to predict. Nevertheless, it’s time to talk about what PSLS thinks Rockstar should do if they want GTA V to be as popular as previous entries. - Josh Fernandes, PSLS

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NYC_Gamer2394d ago

i hope the game isn't based on over the top silly non sense like saint's row

doctorstrange2394d ago

In my opinion. GTA IV Was far too serious.

NYC_Gamer2394d ago

long as the main story keeps that mature type vibe i am cool let all that silly stuff be optional free roam things

r1sh122394d ago

It wasnt even that, Rockstar couldnt fit everything on the disc which is why it felt 'incompelte' I liked the realism, but it was missing the spark of previous games.
It was their first try at the new gen, and they have given the best value for money DLC in this Gen so far. GTA IV was a good step towards GTA V.

knifefight2394d ago

Do whatever you want, RockStar. You're a RockStar.

Fishy Fingers2394d ago

Make it fun, make it GTA and don't cut crap out for the DLC.

BlmThug2394d ago

R* is the one company that doesnt cut things for DLC. Ballad of gay tony and Lost and damned were two whole games IMO

Godchild10202394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Even though it's Rockstar, we know it will happen. Also be mindful that Rockstar makes some of the best expansion packs(DLC) to date. Undead nightmare from red dead redemption, Balled of Gay Tony and The lost and Damned from GTA IV. They don't just expend the story , but bring in different characters to bring a different spin on it.

Ahasverus2394d ago

I Hate , HATE HATE HATE these articles telling developers what they should do, it's their decision, they're THEIR games, you have NO RIGHT AT ALL for telling them what they should do!

doctorstrange2394d ago

The customer is always right :D

Godchild10202394d ago

It's not like Rockstar has to do them and stop making it seem like you didn't want things to change in some of the games you have played.

We all wished things went differently in the games we've played, but it was to late. This is the time that you can throw it out there and see if the dev will bite and take a look at it. Again, it's not like the Dev has to.

Imalwaysright2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Yeah theyre making the game to keep it locked in their house. Its not like theyre making it to sell to the general public. Why should they care about the fans opinion? We're not going to give them our money!

HardCover2394d ago

Chill out you freak.

This is just discussion. It's not an open letter to Rockstar saying "You suck"

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mike_d_2394d ago

BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Why do you waste your time wanting Rockstar to do this or do that? If you want get a job there and give them your input.Because talking about it here does no good.

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