How to Play Battlefield 3 James Bond Style

GB : Woah. We are impressed. This is one of the best videos we have ever seen. Love James Bond? Well, guess what you can do that in Battlefield 3.

We have an amazing video for from Battlefield 3, and the map here is Damavand Peak. You know Base Jumping and all. This will put Just Cause 2 to shame, because this is one of the skilled displays we have ever seen.

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crimsonfox2448d ago

O_O that was rad...

im mad though. the last three days i haven't been able to play a whole game or even really sign onto multiplayer on my ps3. i keep getting this "unable to connect to ea server" message. its been super annoying i spent like 2 hours trying to figure it out can anyone help? ive tried looking on google but i keep finding this problem on old beta articles @[email protected] i wanna break something right now.

Iroquois_Pliskin2448d ago

Ive been getting that unable to connect to ea servers on all ea games!! Wtf is happening at ea hq?

Kleptic2447d ago

US EAST has been ok for me for the past few days. Squads still messed up, and voice chat is spotty...but everything else connection wise has actually been pretty good...aside from Tehran Highway, which lags everytime i'm in matter what...

svoulis2448d ago

EA claims to be fixing this issue as we speak I've been experiencing a lot of lag and freezing issues on servers

Kahvipannu2448d ago

Oh those silly Battlefield-moments... Love this game.

AKS2448d ago

That was pretty awesome. I wasn't expecting that.

Ashby_JC2448d ago

That was sweet...

Me...I would have crashed the copter even if I had somehow made it into it lol!!

Loving BF3...24hrs logged in MP and thats with a GF and a company I run!

A few 3am nights lately lol

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