Mass Effect Bishoujo Liara T’Soni Statue Confirmed for European Release

Set for release next year, manufacturer Kotobukiya has confirmed that the Mass Effect Bishoujo Liara T’Soni Statue will make its way to European stores. Having already raised some eyebrows at its initial unveiling, the Mass Effect Bishoujo Liara T’Soni Statue will surely repeat this effort when it launches next year.

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zeal0us2392d ago

Man was Liara always that big there?

young juice2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

bishoujo... its a japanese term often used with either manga or fanart. i dont really remember which.

but yeah the japanese part should explain the big boobs

Hicken2392d ago

Bishoujo literally means "pretty girl" and has nothing to do with bust size. Additionally, there is an alarming- to some- fascination with flat-chested women among gamers and young males in Japan that has been growing for some years.

2392d ago
MisterNine2392d ago

What a nice improvement!

MasterD9192392d ago

Give me a Miranda statue =)