Ubisoft’s Rocksmith offers new DLC avilable on PSN/XBLA

Ubisoft is happy to announce new DLC packs for Rocksmith.

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Spitfire_Riggz2455d ago

Thats awesome. But 2.90 something per song is ridiculous. Unless that was for all 3

n4gisatroll2455d ago

I can see why its 3 bucks a song, but really, is this game good? I have a guitar and haven't played in awhile and I figured this would be cheaper than buying the tab books and practicing a lot and not have much fun. Don't get me wrong, I love games, and playing guitar, but I'm wondering if this is good for practice and actually learning the songs.

Spitfire_Riggz2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Its hard to say, I really like it but you must be patient. Its not like guitar hero where you get better pretty quick, it really does take a while. I will say the technology is amazing!

Aside from learning and playing songs its got many little mini games that are meant to be fun but help you learn at the same time. Like a game where you must play the right chord to kill off zombies before they get to you.

The tech alone is worth it. You have a built in tuner which might run 20 bucks, and MANY different amps and effects which could really add up. It would be nice to have a good home theater setup.

I really love the game and i have learned from it but patience is key

P.s Aside from mini games and campaign mode you have a techniques part of it that teaches you and challenges you to many guitar techniques like bending and palm muting and bar chords.

The only things i dont like about the game are some User interface issues like having to tune the guitar before any activity and in techniques after every try you must load it all over again.

n4gisatroll2455d ago

Thanks for the reply, hopefully my girlfriend gets it for my birthday in a few weeks, and we both can learn and get better at guitar! Thanks again!