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How to Play Battlefield 3 With an Xbox 360 or PS3 Controller

GameFront, "Before I get excoriated in the comments, let me issue a disclaimer: Mouse/Keyboard controls are and will always be superior to controllers, and people who play FPS’ with their mouse and keyboard are playing the games as they are meant to be played, and they will pwn the living daylights out of any roflcoptar dickless CoD n00b who dares to step into their crosshairs while wielding a console controller. Now that that’s out of the way, let me take this moment to point out that there are actually some good reasons to use a console controller while playing Battlefield. They’re good for flying helicopters, for example, and the game makes it easy to switch seamlessly back and forth between the two control methods. Keep reading as I explain how to make that happen." (Battlefield 3, PC, Tech)

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Well it is how they were meant to be played seeing as the first FPS game was for the PC. Also the fact there has been many times PC players with M+KB have been put against console players and the PC players wiped the floor with them every time.

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I would like to point something out here, I use the Motionjoy program (for ps3) frequently and the best way to use the program is to use the Xbox 360 emulator function.

It tricks your computer into thinking you have a 360 control plugged in and the only buttons I swap are the triggers and R1/L1 buttons.
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the only problem with playing with a controller, even a 360 controller which usually has the same face buttons as a PC controller, is on the campaign, because even if the game recognizes the controller and you can play with it, the quick time events (which are many) still show up with the PC keys so it can be a little confusing and some QTE cant even be done with a controller

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