VG Chartz¦ VG Chartz Best of the Week 24th - 30th October 2011

Good day to one and all, and welcome to the latest edition of VG Chartz Best of the Week, the most popular internet column in Berwick-Upon-Tweed (citation needed). As you may be aware, it's Halloween this weekend, and thus I'm contractually obliged to do some sort of gimmick in 'celebration' of it. Well, I'm not. Tomorrow I shall be at a wedding, wearing the most frightening garment I can imagine; a suit. Now, normally I'm a Nick-Cave-band-shirt-kinda-guy , so it'll be far more uncomfortable than the transgendered David Bowie vampire I always look like at Halloween; only once was this actually intentional. It doesn't mean I'm not tempted to go to the wedding as one of the scariest people in recent history though:

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