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GameDynamo - "Way back at E3 in June 2011, Microsoft set aflutter the hearts of Halo fans the world over with four simple words: "Halo 4 is coming." As with any great franchises, Halo fans have been clamoring ever since to gather as much information on the new title as they can. As expected, the information's not all that easy to come by. "

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A_Troll_From_Ign2422d ago

This one should give halo a new approach to what it does so well. I wouldn't mind bigger mulitiplayer even though halo was best at 2vs2 level.

bodybombs2422d ago

im curious ifthey are gonna stick with the 8v8 match cap or if they are going to expand that due to demand for a larger match capacity.

i wouldnt mind either way, but it would be a welcome change

A_Troll_From_Ign2422d ago

Team slayer is halos bread and butter but banging a session out with 10 or more mates on the same team would be nice!!

Shadowvic2422d ago

omg please no Weapon, perk customization...
If that's in the game I'm not getting it. I'll check out gameplay and decide for myself but, that's a big NO for Halo fans imo.

Jdrm032422d ago

there is nothing to preview....

StraightPath2422d ago

agree all information we already know and read many times :D

Jocosta2422d ago

So in other words, "we dont know shit". Waste of my time.

PetitPiPi2422d ago

Exactly. Another one of the many worthless articles posted on N4G. Does this game have a release date yet?

PetitPiPi2422d ago

Now that would be awesome. Can't wait for the confirmation!

MasterD9192422d ago

May not be a lot here but I am excited for this one.

Sounds like they are trying out some new scenery we haven't seen before...This should make for a spectacular multiplayer experience.