Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review (GameFront)

GameFront, "In most ways, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception isn’t all that different from Among Thieves or Drake’s Fortune. If you’ve played those games, then you know the deal: you’ll travel from one lushly realized locale to another looking for a bizarre ancient artifact, succeed in making impossibly vertical climbs, investigate ancient ruins, solve puzzles and shoot at your enemies. That doesn’t mean it’s a disappointment; fortunately, rather than simply reproducing what worked in previous games, Drake’s Deception also has a few tweaks, like improved fighting, dramatic departures from previous games’ conventions and the best environments yet seen in the series."

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Chitown712912426d ago

And anything less than a 20/10 is unacceptable. HOLY.....SH*T! This game is f*ckin INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! This is seriously an interactive movie!!

Tyre2426d ago

This game is something else...nothing comes as close to really deserving the perfect scores as this game. People can only understand why this game gets such amazing reactions if they've played it themselves. Seriously, this game is insane! the disagrees on the comment above are forgiven, u just can't disagree.

Chitown712912426d ago

Thanks dude. I beat it prolly around 3 hours ago, and the last chapters are so emotional man....... I haven't felt this way since MGS4 truly masters of their crafts. Hollywood studios are gonna start coming to Naughty Dog for advice lol. Maaaaaannnn the water effects are bar none. Incredible.

TheRichterBelmont2426d ago

Wow, since when was 90% a bad score on a game?

Biggest2426d ago

Who here said that 90% was a bad score? Don't get your panties in a pre-bunch.

baodeus2426d ago

only on n4g richter, only on n4g.

Tyre2426d ago

See u at the party richter...